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Orca OR-6 | grab & shoot for the FS5

My personal FS5-setup is a bit more extended, so there’s way more than just the camera body with a lens to transport: A baseplate with 19mm rods (also serves at excellent protection), a follow focus, a headlight (inevitable for ENG) and the Atomos Shogun (inevitable for UHD S-Log recording).


With all of the additional gear mentioned it was not easy to find a camera bag with the right dimensions. Many solutions on the market would require me to install / mount parts of the setup on-location, an inconvenience that naturally becomes increasingly uncomfortable with the number of locations I have to tick off in a day to complete a report.

While my previous camera bag was able to carry the camera on-baseplate, I still had to flip in the LCD and unmount the headlight so the FS5 would fit inside. Considering the fact that the Zacuto FS5 Z-Finder hopefully will soon be on its way to Superhypernatural Central, it was about time to look for a new transport solution.

Grab & shoot is important:

I prefer to have the camera quickly prepared for a filming situation: Open the bag – grab the camera – turn it on and start to work. Quick and clean without slowing down the news-gathering process.

“Good news” is that i finally found the right camera bag for the job:

The Orca OR-6

With an internal length of 40cm / 15.74″, it offers enough horizontal space for the FS5 even fit with larger lenses like my Sigma 18-35. 29cm / 11.41″ covers the entire width from handle to flipped-out LCD, and a height of 31 cm / 12.2″ leaves plenty of headroom for the Shogun and the headlight.

To hold the camera even better in place, Orca integrated a rather smart elastic band construction that fits all possible sizes.


These days, I am mostly using the Aladdin Eye-Lite featured in a previous blog post, yet I thought it’s also worth mentioning that my Litepanels Croma on ball-head shoe mount also fits without any problem.


The construction of the bag, a combination of aluminum and honeycomb framing, makes a very sturdy impression and should definitely offer proper protection for my equipment.


External zip pockets on all sides of the OR-6 offer room for those small everyday things like keys, folders and pens. The two-part pouch on the inside of the top lid is where I store my Color-Checker Passport , a cleaning cloth and some important cables and adapters.

The removable internal LED lighting system helps a lot when handling gear in darker surroundings. It’s really cool to find that kind of feature in a smaller camera bags.


Without doubt, the Orca OR-6 is a neat solution with perfect fit for more extended FS5 rigs. The sturdy built quality, combined with a smart design, gives me the impression that it will endure many years of field use and abuse.



At this point, I also want to thank Mark and everybody at Band Pro Munich for quickly supplying me with the right tools at the right price and their patience and kindness in providing help and support with many of the FS5-related troubles, especially by forwarding all of the problems I encountered to Sony Germany.

Please note that I am not affiliated with Orca or Band Pro Munich in any way. I have to pay their standard price for the tools and just want to share my experience with other users who might be looking for a similar solution.