Taking the FS5 & FilmConvert for a spin

By the end of last week, the good guys at FilmConvert finally released a FS5-specific profile.

The conversion options to the different film stocks include many possible combinations between color modes and gammas:


FS5 color profile options

For those who don’t know FilmConvert, I want to sum it up as a quick grading option to turn the image of digital film cameras into something that more or less resembles prominent film stocks. Specific camera profiles for a variety of digital cameras are the result of a precise color matching process between different camera picture profile settings and the original film stock.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be any further grading before or after the FilmConvert plug-in, I do it everytime and also use it in conjunction with Color Finale and / or Final Cut Pro’s built-in tools.

Just to give you a quick overview what FilmConvert does to a standard Sony FS5 S-Log image, I have taken the time on a boring, snowy afternoon to sum it up in a small video:

What this video doesn’t show: The film grain options of FilmConvert are also premium an alone worth the money. Enjoy!

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